The crew here at The Master’s Apprentice are guys just like you, who are seeking to walk the path that leads to life. Jesus said, “Follow me.” Thanks for joining us on the journey.


“We like to understand first and do second, but discipleship is always: do first and understand second.”
Jim Zartman


“The invitation of the Gospel is the restoration of the whole man.

It’s not a fierce independence, not a self-sufficient man. It’s a dependent man who can walk in strength because he knows who he is as a son, in light of the Father’s love; who knows what he is capable of, that nothing is impossible, because he has the life of Jesus coursing through his body. It’s a man who can step into the unknown, into fear, into risk, into exposure, because he knows the personal leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s a man who’s intact; a man who’s whole and holy.

Doing is meant to be an access point to your heart, for the full restoration of it, as a man. There is a place in each of us, where God is inviting us to do some things as the window, as the doorway into our becoming.

It’s always around risk, it’s always around exposure, it always feels like some level of incompetency. It’s like that so that he can access the places in us that are not yet. As we grow as men, we have a tendency to insulate. Instead of insulating around our areas of incompetency, we must move into them, because that’s where we’re going to grow as men, where we’re going to grow in our faith.

The outsourcing of our lives limits Father’s inroads to make us whole and holy men. The work of the Father is so much focused on getting that back. Actually taking us into risk, into exposure, into the places where we lack competency. That’s the frontier, that’s the best place for us to live. As sons, you can live there. As orphans or slaves, it doesn’t work, because too much of our identity, our validation is tied up in it. When we’re sons, we can go there.”

Morgan Snyder